Products We Recommend

At Koch Heating and Cooling, we encourage our clients to make informed decisions. We believe that customers choose the most appropriate heating and cooling equipment when they understand the rudiments of our HVAC merchandise.

At Koch Heating and Cooling, though we sell and install quality Lennox equipment, we service and repair all heating and cooling products.

HVAC Systems

Some of the HVAC systems we usually recommend are:

Single-Stage Furnaces

Working Principle

  • When the thermostat drops below the desired temperature, the furnace turns on full blast.


  • It quickly corrects the temperature.


  • It produces uneven temperature spikes.

Two-Stage Furnaces

Working Principle

  • When the thermostat drops drastically, the second stage kicks in and the furnace runs at full capacity until the temperature is regulated.


  • These furnaces operate continuously at a low level to provide a uniform temperature.
  • They are efficient.
  • To provide more comfort than a single-stage furnace.

Two-Stage Furnace with Variable Speed Blower

Working Principle

  • When the thermostat drops drastically, the second stage kicks in and the furnace runs at full capacity until the temperature is regulated plus the variable speed blower dehumidifies the air during those months when an HVAC system provides cooling instead of heating.


  • The blower cools the evaporator coil quicker than normal.
  • The effect is that air condenses more easily and becomes less humid.

80% AFUE Versus 90-95% AFUE

  • Although furnaces are rated according to efficiency, the most important thing consumers should consider is their desired comfort level. Once that criterion is met, the efficiency should be taken into account.
  • When comparing a standard-efficiency unit to a high-efficiency unit, you should always remember to factor in the size of the house and the average operating cost.

Air Conditioners

  • The efficiency of outdoor air conditioning units is measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).
  • Two different A/Cs should be compared using the SEER rating.

Heat Pumps

  • A heat pump will establish a uniform temperature zone throughout your house, resulting in superior comfort.
  • The heat pump is superior to a furnace alone – it transfers heat from the outside to the inside of your home.


  • This is ideal when there is minimal demand on the thermostat.
  • When the demand for warm air increases dramatically, the furnace kicks in.


  • Keep in mind that most electric companies offer reduced rates with the purchase of a heat pump. With a heat pump, you get the benefits of a two-stage furnace while economizing.
Koch Heating and Cooling


  • A humidifier moisturizes the air and increases comfort levels, especially during low temperatures.

Air Filters

  • A pleated filter offer increased capacity due to their higher surface area. A higher capacity filter needs to be changed less frequently.


  • For optimal comfort, we suggest zoning your heating and cooling system. This is a process that divides a home into different areas or zones.

Working Principle

  • Each zone has its own thermostat linked to a mechanical damper that will open or close as the need arises. This system maintains comfort levels despite different needs.

For Example

  • During the summer, the top floor of your home gets hotter than the downstairs. To keep the upstairs comfortable, a conventional HVAC system will usually make the downstairs too cool.


  • A zoned system avoids that conundrum by directing cool air only to the zone that needs it. Thus you can keep the upstairs zone at the desired temperature without overcooling the downstairs.
Koch Heating and Cooling


Honeywell IAQ thermostat

  • Thermostat manage the temperature, it also keeps tabs on the humidity levels in your home. It will automatically turn on the heating or cooling system to maintain your desired humidity, without affecting an appreciable change in overall temperature.

Whole-House Humidifier

  • With an inbuilt digital control, this unit is renowned as the best bypass humidifier available.
  • Once one of these units is installed on a heating and cooling system, water vapor is distributed directly through the system’s ducts to efficiently humidify the air throughout your home.

Replacement Air Filters

  • These air filters are easy to use, available in an array of sizes and feature a higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) than the average fiberglass filter.
  • These filters restrict the introduction of harmful particles into your HVAC system, thus protecting your equipment while improving your air quality.