Heating and Cooling Services

Good HVAC equipment helps to save energy and reduce utility costs. Regular maintenance services like cleaning and changing the filter will extend the lifespan of your heating or cooling systems.

Our Maintenance Agreement

Koch Heating and Cooling

At Koch Heating and Cooling’s maintenance agreement program, our customers get these benefits.

  • We inspect, detect and correct minor issues before they become major problems.
  • 10% off for part replacements and repairs.
  • Service on priority.
  • 24x7 emergency service is available.

Our Maintenance Services

Here is a list of the procedures we administer during a maintenance check or cleaning process for heating and cooling equipment:

  • Lubricate blower & bearings.
  • Check belt condition & tension.
  • Check filters.
  • Change filters.
  • Set dampers.
  • Check fan speed.
  • Turn off humidifier / close damper.
  • Clean condensate drain.
  • Check amp draw of the motor.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check & clean condenser.
  • Check suction line temperature.
  • Check the refrigerant charge.
  • Check all safety controls.
  • Check contactors & relays.
  • Check, start & run capacitors.
  • Check all wiring connections.
  • Check compressor.
  • Check condenser fan motor.
  • Check temperature drop across the coil.
  • Check & clean burners.
  • Clean pilot.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check heat anticipator.
  • Inspect flue pipes.
  • Oil fan & blower.
  • Inspect belts & tension.
  • Inspect heat exchanger.
  • Check filters.
  • Check safety limit switch.
  • Check pilot safety.
  • Check the rollout safety switch.
  • Check pressure switches.
  • Check the gas pressure.
  • Check furnace performance.
  • Test for carbon monoxide.

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